Largest elephant gathering in the world happens at Minneriya National Park

The Minneriya National Park is all about elephants. Gigantic man made reservoir attracted wild elephants for it’s water and grass fields during the dry season, they gather in numbers from 150 to as high as 700 this makes Largest elephant gathering in the world.

You can witness this remarkable one and only event During the dry season, from July to October when the sun is setting down these magnificent creatures begin to emerge from every direction that have come from all over the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

Afternoon safari is best in terms of watching these giant, drink water from Minneriya reservoir, play and snack on lush vegetation, and even mating. Once you enter the park, it’s giving you an instant impression that the most abundant animal in the park is majestic elephant !

Animal you can see in Minneriya National Park

Monkeys, purple-faced langur, toque macaque, Large herbivorous mammals, Sri Lankan sambar deer, Sri Lankan axis deer, Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear, gray slender loris. Fejervarya pulla, Polypedates cruciger,Painted-lip lizard, Lankascincus fallax,Saltwater crocodile, Indian python, Asian water monitor, and Bengal monitor.

Sri Lanka junglefowl,Great white pelican, Sri Lanka grey hornbill,crimson-fronted barbet,Lesser adjutant,little cormorants,black-crested bulbul,brown-capped babbler,Sri Lanka hanging parrot, painted stork, spot-billed pelican,Ruddy turnstone and grey heron.

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