The region’s northern border runs from the island of Mahawt (situated west of Masirah Island and Bahr al Hikman whick form the Sharqiya region’s southern coastal border), on to Saudi Arabia, its western border. The south borders the Dhofar region and to the east lies the Arabian Sea. The coastline stretches south past Ras Madrakah and beyond Ras Sawqirah to the village of Sharbitat.  

Al Wusta has the second largest land area of Oman’s eight regions, with the smallest number of inhabitants. A substantial part of the population resides on Mahawt Island, which plays an important part in Oman’s prawn industry. The widest stretch of coastal strip in Oman lies between Ras al Madrakah and Ras Sawqirah – up to 20 Km wide in some places and teeming with birdlife. The lagoons and islands are home to many migratory birds including flocks of Greater flamingos.

There are huge stretches of beach covered with shells, wide open sandy bays, rocky coves and inlets with weirdly shaped cliffs. Dolphins and turtles swimming close to shore are a common sight. Ancient rock formations can be explored for fossils.


The inhabitants are semi-nomadic Bedouin fishing and keeping livestock for a living. The women are adept at ancient crafts, particularly high quality weaving and basket work. Inland, the Jiddat al-Harasis, encompassing the Al Huqf Depression, displays a different panorama.


This desert area with gravel plains and acacia trees, sandy stretches with dunes and rugged wilderness area with rocky outcrops on the escarpment, is a huge wildlife sanctuary.

The Harasis Bedouin tribe lives here in complete harmony with the Arabian oryx, Nubian ibex, caracal, Arabian gazelle, the ‘rhim’ gazelle, sand fox, desert hare, hedgehog, Arabian wolf, wild cat, honey badger, striped hyaena and various species of birds – all being protected by the tribesmen.


In the Al Wusta region you will have a perfect Oman adventure tour and you “walk on the wild side” and you will be rewarded by solitude and magnificence.


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