RV covers are very important for your road van, car or truck good overall condition. Parking your road van exposed to the rain during the time it stays parked can lead to roof damage and leaks. So what’s the best way to protect your RV?

If you are considering a cover for your RV, travel trailer or fifth wheel do you self a favor and invest in a cover that will last you many years. less expensive ultra-thin lightweight covers are intended for short term use and simply won’t hold up to long term abuse by mother nature. Invest in a quality cover that offers the maximum protection and you will have it for years and years.

Make sure your RV has cooled down. Hot spots including engine exhaust, and fridge or water heater exhausts can severely damage an RV cover. Look for sharp and “pokey” areas on your RV. Things like your side view mirrors, rain gutters, riveted edges, awnings, and more can cut, puncture, or put excessive pressure on your RV cover. Make sure these areas are padded before installing the cover. An excellent way to do so is with pool noodles and lengths of foam pipe insulation. You’ll find an incredibly detailed tutorial on RV covers and pool noodles at this link.

If you park your rig under trees, a cover is going to reduce your maintenance of having to blow or sweep the leaves off of your rig periodically. It will also keep sap and bird droppings from damaging your RV. Most materials will help keep the UV light off of your rig to help preserve all parts and paint. Some covers also come with tire covers, which we highly recommend that you use if you are storing your rig most of the time. Many RVs have rubber roofs that are susceptible to UV damage. An RV cover can prolong the life of these rubber roofs.

You will need to be very careful when installing a cover on your RV. It is also not very easy to remove, especially if it’s wet. Very strong winds can rip your cover off, if it’s not secured properly. Find someone to help you. If you’re on the roof, it helps to have someone on the ground. Take the cover out of its box, then spread it flat on the ground. Un-clip all hooks, open all zippers, and get a good look at it. Figure out what goes where and how. It can be dangerous to climb up on the roof, so be confident of your footing, and your RV’s ability to handle your weight.

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